The green heart of the future is called hydrogen

Choose hydrogen as a heat source

A conscious choice for environmental protection.

Decarbonisation and achievement of climate neutrality have been the focus of major global debates in recent years.
These hot topics affect several institutions, including the European Commission, which has decided to implement the European Green Deal.

The objective of the project is to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, with the aim of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

What does it mean to be climate neutral?

Climate neutrality consists in achieving a balance between emissions and the absorption of greenhouse gases, mainly by reducing their generation, pursuing their absorption (natural carbon sinks such as soil, forests, oceans) and promoting counterbalance between sectors.

The ongoing rapid energy transition process is encouraging research to develop the use of hydrogen as a sustainable energy carrier.

Hydrogen: meeting point for a renewable future

Why choose hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe and is therefore considered the energy source of the future.

It can be used for multiple applications: as a fuel, as a carrier or as an energy accumulator. This means that hydrogen can be optimally used in different areas.

Its high calorific value makes it very efficient as a fuel, which is why the main institutions believe it can replace the fossil fuels currently used, such as methane gas.

The benefits of clean energy

Like electricity, hydrogen can also be produced using different energy sources, but the focus is clearly on green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable energy sources.

zero CO2

No carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect. Thanks to hydrogen it is therefore possible to significantly reduce pollutant emissions.

As Snam, the main European operator in the transport and storage of natural gas, states, further advantages are:

  • Use of clean and green energy to protect the environment
  • Ease of transport at a lower cost than electricity
  • Safe, careful and reliable storage in specific facilities at low cost

How Carlieuklima embraced the challenge to change

Sustainability has always touched the sensitivity of Carlieuklima, a value that has led it to push the Research and Development department to study new solutions, which would respond to the needs of customers and the needs that the Planet needs.

Keeping up with technological developments and new opportunities, the company has decided to take the path of sustainable energy, adapting and creating products that embrace the new technological frontier, participating in the THyGA project.

The main objective of the project is to allow the wide adoption of mixtures of H2NG (hydrogen in natural gas), filling gaps in knowledge about technical impacts on commercial and industrial gas appliances.

The company has decided to meet the challenge of the market through the development of radiant strips working with hydrogen mixtures.

EUCERK radiant strips with 40% hydrogen
for a sustainable future

After months of testing, analysis and study we can say that EUCERK radiant strips also work with a mixture of hydrogen up to 40%, as attested by the official THyGA report.

A great step forward that, when the national networks will be equipped with this mixture, will allow our customers who already have radiant belt systems to continue their business at no additional cost, thanks to the full compatibility of the equipment already installed.

From the tests carried out in our laboratories, using a mixture of hydrogen at 40% of the total amount of methane, we have seen, above all, a reduced emission of NOx and carbon dioxide (CO2), the main protagonists of environmental pollution.

If you also want to be the protagonist of a sustainable reality, join our vision of tomorrow’s comfort and contact us.

- NOx
- CO2

The benefits of EUCERK with hydrogen


for the environment


of carbon dioxide


of fossil fuels

100% compatible

with your system

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Hear what the experts say

An innovation that has aroused great interest also from the group of researchers Michele Gattullo and Enrico Andrea Laviola of the Politecnico di Bari, they were pleasantly surprised by the possibility of continuing to use existing plants going to change only a few secondary parameters.

Discover what experts at the Politecnico di Bari say.

The solution that allows you to reduce costs

and be part of a more sustainable future.

Why Carlieuklima

Carlieuklima is a company specialized in the realization of industrial heating radiation systems and evaporative cooling always in step with the times; choosing to use components Made in Italy and high quality, has allowed us to distinguish ourselves and to be among the protagonists of the sector at an international level, with more than 30,000 plants installed in over 40 countries worldwide.

For over 30 years, we have been proposing effective and sustainable solutions to improve the comfort and psychophysical well-being of your employees throughout the year, for a safe and comfortable workplace in any climate situation.

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Frequently asked questions about hydrogen

1. What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is the only 100% sustainable hydrogen that is obtained through the electrolysis of water in special electrochemical cells powered by electricity produced from renewable sources.
(Source: Enel Group)

2. What can I do if I already have a EUCERK?

If you already have an EUCERK system, in order to be able to operate it with a specific mixture of 40% hydrogen, you just need to modify some secondary parameters and review the calibration of the machine. It will not be necessary to change the entire system!

This will allow to remarkably reduce the costs of adaptation to the conditions of supply, increasing at the same time the flexibility in accepting the various commercial solutions that the market will develop.

3. Will emissions be reduced?

Absolutely yes! Although there will be emissions, the latter will be considerably lower than the current ones, both for Nox and for CO2.

By splitting particles, in fact, the amount of emissions produced will be mainly water vapor. An important step forward that will allow companies to be sustainable and in step with the times in full respect of the environment.

4. How much will it cost me to switch to hydrogen?

The cost of adapting to hydrogen, if you already have a CARLIEUKLIMA radiant strips system, consists mainly in the new calibration of the thermal unit of EUCERK.

A low cost that will already allow you to be ready for the world of tomorrow, a future that looks to the sustainability and protection of the Planet.

5. Will the efficiency of my system be different?

With a correct calibration of the plant, the effectiveness of EUCERK radiant strips will be equal to that of the same plant calibrated with methane gas.