Through the cloud-based platform NUBES® provided by CARLIEUKLIMA Srl, you can assist your customer in managing their system, supporting them in both regular and extraordinary maintenance of heating or cooling units. By becoming accredited with CARLIEUKLIMA Srl, you gain access to a range of parameters reserved for users with authorized credentials up to “level 5” (as described in Technical Instruction IT-EU-PY-03).

As an Equipment Operator, being included in the network of authorized operators interacting with the heating units, your expertise can be relied upon by the System Operator for remote assistance in resolving alarms/anomalies or simply managing settings and schedules.

We request you to fill out the following form and to review and accept the Conditions and Rules for Accreditation. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email confirming your accreditation, following which you can register on the NUBES® platform via the EyeLan application (as described in the first 3 steps of Technical Instruction IT EVLAN300).

CAUTION: The accreditation request must be sent prior to registering on the NUBES® platform; an account registered as an End User cannot be modified to assume Service User credentials.

For any support needs, please refer to one of the CARLIEUKLIMA Technical Assistance Centers.
Your customer, the system operator and Master User of the supervision system, can authorize the CAT indicated by you to access remotely with Service User credentials (see Technical Instruction IT-EU-PY-03). The permissions reserved for CAT allow them to access a range of reserved parameters, the modification of which directly affects the performance of the heating/cooling units.

The Master User also has the authority to directly authorize CARLIEUKLIMA Support Service to supervise the system, always inviting them as a Service User (USER ID: