Revamping: renew your heating system

Your Carlieuklima radiant strip heating system is outdated. Is it worth replacing it?

Not necessarily... your units probably just need to be revamped!

The Eucerk radiant strip heating systems, despite being in operation for several years, are still reliable and in excellent condition! However, some of their internal components may no longer be up to date.

Integrating these outdated systems with the new computerized control systems is not always possible, resulting in a decrease in performance and optimization.

Issues with old units


Regulation systems

The "outdated" regulation systems prove to be incompatible with modern technologies and current market standards.


Control boards and interfaces

The control boards and interfaces equipped on the units may require replacement, which is not always possible due to obsolete and hard-to-find components.



Repairing them may not be technically feasible or economically viable.


Supervision system

Outdated control systems are not compatible with recently supplied systems and, most importantly, do not allow for leveraging the advantages and flexibility of the new supervision system.

We have developed a solution to address the issue of obsolete components while simultaneously improving the energy performance of your system!


What does "revamping" mean?

The term “revamping,” derived from the English “to revamp,” can be translated as “renewing/updating” and involves a regeneration intervention aimed at extending the life cycle of machines.

Thanks to revamping, it is possible to breathe new life into obsolete machines by integrating them with cutting-edge technologies, resulting in clear benefits in terms of productivity, performance, reduced operating costs, safety, and energy savings.

By replacing obsolete control elements with new components, in a short time and with a non-invasive operation, we are able to completely renew even the old units produced from the year 2000 onwards. Their management thus becomes compatible with the new supervision system.

Benefits of revamping

riduzione costi

Cost reduction

The costs of revamping operations are significantly lower compared to replacement.



The new control system allows for better operation of the thermal unit, thanks to a more careful management of power delivery: a renewed algorithm for modulation management and the introduction of new energy-saving functions ensure improvement in seasonal energy performance.


Everything at your fingertips

Thanks to revamping operations, it is now possible to choose to supervise the thermal units via the cloud for a more conscious and flexible management of all your systems, wherever you are!

When is revamping needed?

Revamping is necessary when:

  1. The replacement of certain electronic components, such as boards and interfaces, becomes difficult or economically unfeasible.
  2. Electrical blocks and failures occur more frequently, causing unpleasant inconveniences or service interruptions.
  3. The supervision systems controlling the old system can no longer integrate with the new CARLIEUKLIMA systems. These outdated control systems are no longer in line with current market standards and do not offer the advantages and flexibility of the new 100% cloud-based supervision system.
  4. Operating costs start to become significant due to continuous maintenance interventions.

Phases of revamping


Technical survey

Our Assistance Center will conduct a technical survey to assess the actual condition of the system. This is necessary to identify the interventions to be carried out.



Our technicians will evaluate the costs of what is needed, coordinating the planning of interventions with any other professionals involved.


System renewal operation

During this phase, all necessary revamping operations will be carried out to regenerate the system and ensure optimal performance.

Do you think it's time for a revamping for your Eucerk heating system as well?

Contact us to request professional advice!

Don’t replace your system, give it new life. A forward-thinking choice to prevent potential breakdowns and face the upcoming season with the confidence of a high-performing system.