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Research & Development: strategic focus for Carlieuklima

CARLIEUKLIMA srl develops new ideas internally, ideas that come from in-depth knowledge of the field and the expertise of its own experience since more than 30 years. Before they are ever offered to customers, new projects are completely and painstakingly tested in experimental systems realized within the company.

The new solutions are developed, verified and engineered by the Research and Development Department, which deals with the calculation and design phases and which also includes a prototype development department and a functional test laboratory. In order to take on the most complex theoretical aspects, internal resources are supported by prestigious Italian universities.

Highly constructive collaboration also takes place with strategic industrial partners, especially dynamic suppliers who are the unquestioned leaders in the components fields.

All products, both new and mature, undergo continuous evolution and improvement in materials, control systems and performance enhancement.

Towards AR with Politecnico di Bari and Upgrading Services

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