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Quality System

CARLIEUKLIMA srl works continuously to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.
Thanks to the advancement of products and services and to the meticulous control of the entire production chain, the company is able to keep high quality standards thanks to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified processes, and of security, thanks to CE products certification.

The Quality Management System is the main guideline for the organization of the business processes: design, production, installation and service for heating and cooling systems.

It allows up to 10 years guarantee.

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Evaporative air cooling: what it is and how it works

EUCOLD evaporative air cooling, also known as adiabatic cooling, is the most sustainable, effective and economical technological solution for the summer cooling of industrial buildings and warehouses. This green climate solution comes from a very simple concept: the natural phenomenon of water evaporation. Water as a cooling fluid Water, therefore, acts as a natural refrigerant: Each unit takes the outside hot air, the latter then passes through special water-soaked panels, [...]

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