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EUWIND: floor
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For many years, the need to prevent external drafts through industrial doors has been driven by both cost-saving and environmental protection concerns, as well as the well-being of workers. Technological advancements and experiences have led to minimizing unnecessary heat loss. The EUWIND WBKA air barriers, by blocking the entry of cold air, enable maintaining a comfortable operational temperature even in areas adjacent to the door. This helps reduce temperature fluctuations and increases the usable space.

Working in proximity to openings becomes possible, preventing personnel from falling ill due to exposure to cold air. This invisible barrier not only prevents external air infiltration but also aids in stratifying the indoor environment, reducing thermal gradients and associated heat loss in cases of convective heating.

The heat loss caused by the infiltration of cold air through industrial doors is significant and challenging to quantify due to multiple contributing factors. However, it can be confidently stated that implementing EUWIND barrier systems dramatically reduces such heat loss, leading to the recovery of the initial investment in less than two operating seasons.




Safeguards health without harmful air movements.



Increases usable space, allowing safe work to be done.



Long-lasting: resistant to frost and built with high-quality materials.



Significant energy savings: prevents the entry of cold air. No additional heat needed.



Maintains a consistent room temperature for a comfortable working environment.

Areas of application


The industry requires safe and protected working environments shielded from external air for the well-being of its employees.


The railway sector requires an environment adequately shielded from drafts to prevent heat loss.


The aviation sector demands high-ceiling hangars for aircraft maneuvering, spaces that need adequate protection from air for reduced heat loss.

Soon you will find new case studies dedicated to EUWIND in this section!

Models and solutions

The Euwind floor air barriers are available in two versions: with one air column or with two air columns, and with different power options.

One air column

WBKA 1240 – 1 air column, 2 motors per column, 4.0 kW power per motor

WBKA 1255 – 1 air column, 2 motors per column, 5.5 kW power per motor

WBKA 1275 – 1 air column, 2 motors per column, 7.5 kW power per motor

WBKA 1292 – 1 air column, 2 motors per column, 9.2 kW power per motor

Two air columns

WBKA 2255 – 2 air columns, 2 motors per column, 5.5 kW power per motor

WBKA 2275 – 2 air columns, 2 motors per column, 7.5 kW power per motor

WBKA 2292 – 2 air columns, 2 motors per column, 9.2 kW power per motor

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