EUCOLD industrial evaporative coolers


EUCOLD: industrial evaporative coolers
made in Italy

EUCOLD evaporative coolers are the most natural, performant and cheap technological solution for summer cooling of industrial buildings, warehouses, commercial environments, laboratories and workshops.
It’s the most sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.




No use of refrigerant gases or fluids. Utilizes the principle of water evaporation



80% reduction in energy consumption. 70% reduction in system cost. Low operating and maintenance costs



Continuous renewal of indoor air, expelling hot air outside through building openings



Workers operate in comfortable conditions without experiencing dangerous heat strokes, and productivity levels remain unaffected



More comfortable temperatures in workplaces. Adaptable to various types of environments


Silent operation

Incorporates components with low noise emissions. The cooling units are installed outside the building

Areas of application


The industry requires efficient and low-energy cooling systems for the psychophysical well-being of its employees

Agriculture and livestock

Greenhouses and livestock facilities need to be adequately cooled to ensure the right climate for the growth of plants and animals


The railway sector necessitates adequately cooled environments for the comfort of its maintenance workers


The aerospace sector utilizes hangars of considerable height for aircraft maintenance operations. These places need to be adequately cooled


Sports facilities require cooled and healthy environments for the activities performed within them and for the psychophysical well-being of the players

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Why choose an adiabatic cooler and how it works?

With EUCOLD, indoor climate control occurs naturally through an ADIABATIC principle. Each individual unit draws in outdoor air, which passes through specialized water-soaked panels, getting filtered, cooled, and then released into the workspace.
This process not only makes the indoor temperature more comfortable but is also crucial as it ensures a constant air exchange and hinders the spread of viruses.


Traditional VS Adiabatic cooling


Electric consumption
0 kW
Water consumption


Electric consumption
0 kW
Water consumption
0 l/h


electric consumption
- 0 % kW
new function
water saving 0

New feature: Water Saving

Reduce water waste to zero

At the end of a cooling cycle, the system stops the water loading process, so that at the next Timer-OFF phase, the tank remains completely empty or nearly empty!
This way, during the next scheduled discharge, the amount of water released by the system becomes almost zero.

Excellence and quality in every detail

  • Body made of stainless steel, ABS thermoplastic polymers and PMMA;
  • Centrifugal pump for a uniform distribution of water;
  • Brass body unloading valve, IP67 protection;
  • Safety switch outside the unit, supplied by default;
  • Each component has been carefully selected to ensure high performance and safety, low electrical consumption;
  • Flexibility of installation thanks to the option to choose between outlets from above, from below and from the side.

Models and solutions

Thanks to a range consisting of 6 different models, EUCOLD is the ideal solution for cooling industrial and commercial spaces of all kinds, especially where other types of systems would be particularly energy-demanding. The air outlet from the side, top, or bottom of the coolers allows for flexibility to meet any design requirement and overcome any structural obstacles.

Single fan

531 F – Single fan with side output
531 B – Single fan with bottom output
531 S – Single fan with top output

Double fan

532 F – Double fan with side output
532 B – Double fan with bottom output
532 S – Double fan with top output

Different air distribution systems for evaporative coolers

Multi-outlet diffusers from above

  • Positioned to distribute large air flows effectively
  • Ideal for cooling specific areas
  • Possibility to adjust the direction of airflow by adjusting the position of the deflector vanes

Flat wall diffusers with a double row of adjustable vanes

  • Ideal for very high spaces with significant interferences (shelves, overhead cranes
  • Positioned in corridors to avoid discomfort to personnel
  • Vanes can be adjusted according to requirements
canalizzazioni in tessuto microforato

Microperforated fabric ducts

  • Ideal for environments with low ceiling heights for uniform air distribution
  • Specifically designed to ensure proper diffusion
  • Optimal in environments where many people perform static work

Technical specifications

See all product models and technical specifications. 

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