Radiant strip heaters EUCERK


EUCERK: radiant strips that take the advantages of infrared irradiation

The EUCERK system is a gas-fired radiant ceiling heating system, particularly suitable for heating large surfaces and spaces by harnessing the principle of infrared irradiation.
Our systems are the ideal solution for heating industries, warehouses, storage facilities, hangars, and railway workshops. Its design and implementation require special attention to achieve significant results in terms of efficiency, safety, temperature uniformity, and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.



Minimum Power
0 kW
Maximum power
31 kW
> 0 %
Maximum circuit length
0 m




Low certified NOx emissions



Low electrical power consumption


Silent operation

Noise-free environment: Absence of noise in the environment



Adaptability to any type of industrial environment Zone heating capability



Comfort temperature without thermal gradient Absence of heated surfaces on the floor and walls



No air movement Clean and healthy environments

Components of the highest quality

  • High-efficiency stainless steel premix Low NOx burner;
  • Microprocessor for complete system management;
  • Inverter for motor speed control and consumption reduction;
  • Set of thermostats and pressure switches (safety, operation, differential);
  • Prepared for Modbus network connection;
  • High-efficiency reverse-blade stainless steel impeller;
  • Motor shaft cooling spacer for increased durability;
  • Additional aluminum impeller for motor cooling;
  • High-efficiency three-phase motor

EUCERK radiant strips with 40% hydrogen for a sustainable future

After months of testing, analysis, and research, we can confidently state that EUCERK radiant strips also operate with a hydrogen mixture of up to 40%, as confirmed by the official THyGA report.

This significant advancement, when national networks incorporate the aforementioned blend, will allow our customers who already have EUCERK radiant strip systems to continue their operations without any additional costs, thanks to the full compatibility of their existing equipment.

From the tests conducted in our laboratories using a 40% hydrogen mixture combined with methane, we notably observed a reduced emission of NOx and carbon dioxide (CO2), which are key contributors to environmental pollution.

If you aspire to be a part of a sustainable reality, join us in embracing the vision of tomorrow's comfort.



Areas of application


The industrial sector requires effective heating systems for the physical and psychological well-being of its employees


The railway sector demands adequately heated environments for the comfort of its staff


The aeronautical industry requires high-ceiling hangars for aircraft maneuvering, spaces that need proper heating


Sports facilities need heated and healthy environments for the physical and psychological well-being of athletes

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How infrared waves heat?

Infrared waves easily travel through the air and space, producing heat only when they strike an object, such as the Earth’s surface or the walls of a building. When the radiation emitted by an infrared heating system hits an object (walls, floors, interior items), the rays generate movement in the molecules they hit, causing them to oscillate. The energy continues to be absorbed by the molecules of that object until their oscillation matches the frequency of the radiation itself. At this point, the radiation is reflected. People perceive these oscillations as a sense of warmth.

The first reaction upon entering a room heated with infrared radiation is one of comfort.
revamping carlieuklima

Revamping: renew your heating system

Your Carlieuklima radiant strip heating system is outdated? Is it worth replacing it?

Not necessarily… your units probably just need to be revamped!

Thanks to revamping, it is possible to breathe new life into obsolete machines by integrating them with cutting-edge technologies, resulting in clear benefits in terms of productivity, performance, reduced operating costs, safety, and energy savings.

Technical specifications

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