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Project Description


Radiant heating system according to radiance phenomenon.

The EUCERK system is a radiant heating system that works on gas or diesel fuel, especially suited for the heating of large medium-sized civil, industrial and commercial areas. Our system is the wright solution for industry, factory, wharehouse, hangar, hospital, bank, office or hotel. Its design and realization required special care in order to achieve noteworthy results in terms of output, safety and temperature uniformity, as well as the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

industrial radiant strip heaters_carlieuklima

Industrial heating for medium and large environments

  • models: EUCERK HE and EUCERK HE JR
  • different powers: between 30 kW and 290 kW
  • efficiency: over 95%
  • circuit length: up to 150 meters

Lowest certified NOx emission in the market

EUCERK HE and HE JR (High efficiency), modulating gas fired units totally produced by CARLIEUKLIMA, with power from 30 to 300 kW according to the model. Built according to the most advanced criteria of environmental protection, they guarantee efficiency performances over 95% with low CO emissions and certificated NOx lower than 30 mg/kWh.

Premium quality components

• CPU for full system management;
• inverter for speed motor control;
• Thermostats and pressostat set (safety, working, differential);
• Prearrangement for connection to Modbus network;
• High efficiency stainless steel impeller, with reverse blades;
• Spacer for motor shaft cooling;
• Additional aluminium impeller for motor cooling;
• Three-phase  motor.

eucerk motors

Infrared ryes heating

Pipes heated to an average temperature between 150 ° C and 250 ° C emit infrared rays that heat the environment without creating air movement.
The heat production necessary for heating the gas radiant tubes takes place thanks to a modulating blown air burner.
The heat exchange of the combustion chamber with the fluid present in the pipes is ensured by the continuous recirculation of the fluid by means of a centrifugal fan.


Infrared radiation is also referred to as thermal radiation, as our body perceives it in the form of heat. Infrared radiation is a natural radiation that we can encounter every day in many different forms: as the sun emits infrared radiation and heats the earth, all more or less hot bodies emit infrared radiation. The term “infrared”, that is lower than red, indicates that its frequency is immediately below that of the red color of visible light. In practice, every body emits radiation in this band, if its temperature is above absolute zero (the temperature of 0 K (Kelvin) equal to -273.15 ° C). The higher the body temperature, the higher its emission of heat and therefore infrared radiation.

infrared radiation


Infrared waves move easily in air and space, producing heat only when they hit an object, such as the surface of the earth or the wall of a house. When the radiation emitted by an infrared ray system hits an object (walls, floors, internal objects), the rays generate the movement of the affected molecules, which begin to oscillate. The energy continues to be absorbed by the molecules of that object until the oscillation of the same reaches the frequency of the radiation itself. At this point the radiation is reflected. The person perceives these fluctuations as a condition of warmth. The first reaction that occurs upon entering a room heated with infrared radiation is comfort.


Low NOx emission.

Low noise in the working place.

Suitable to any setting.

Fuel savings in system operation.

No air movement. Clean and healthful rooms.

Comfortable temperature with-out thermal gradient.No heating equipment located on the floor or on the walls.

Technical specifications

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EUCERK HE / EUCERK HE-Jr Technical data

Types of radiant system Technical data




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