• Carlieuklima Augmented Reality Politecnico di Bari

Towards AR with Politecnico di Bari and Upgrading Services

24 November 2022|

Technology is making great strides in recent years and technological innovations are increasingly influencing our daily lives. One of them is definitely Augmented Reality, also known as AR. Born mainly for video games and [...]

Evaporative air cooling: what it is and how it works

7 June 2022|

EUCOLD evaporative air cooling, also known as adiabatic cooling, is the most sustainable, effective and economical technological solution for the summer cooling of industrial buildings and warehouses. This green climate solution comes from a very [...]

Evaporative cooler: the best solution for industries

18 February 2020|

Don’t wait the hot coming! Project a evaporative cooler in your industrial building: health and wellness for your employees, more efficiency for your company.