NUBES® - The HMI SCADA solution
remote supervision

NUBES® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) supervision platform offered by Carlieuklima for the control, regulation, and remote monitoring of their systems and single/dual-stage burners.

NUBES® ensures the capability to manage all recently installed systems from a single cloud-based platform. Accessible through computers, tablets, or smartphones, it provides a smart working environment that can be used from a fixed location or while on the move.

Management via the EyeLan app or the nubesforyou dashboard opens up the possibility of remote assistance from authorized Technical Support Centers or trusted maintenance personnel who wish to be part of the system.

Data and connection security: The communication between the terminal and the Cloud is protected by a TLS/SSL certificate, which guarantees authentication, data integrity, and encryption. This operates above the “transport layer.” It uses SHA256 encryption with RSA 2048-bit encoding, with an Ethernet HTTPS connection.

How does the service work?

The use of NUBES® and its related services presupposes access to the internet. Each EU-Qbo300 device is allocated a cloud storage space for data storage, for which it is necessary to pay an annual fee to Carlieuklima for maintenance.

For new installations, the service is free for the first year. The subsequent failure to renew does not in any way affect the operation of the supervised system, which remains controlled by the centralized unit in local mode. Only cloud services will be disabled.

The centralized EU-Qbo300 unit is configured as a wall-mounted plastic box equipped with a keyboard and display, making it possible to manage the systems even from a local area if the cloud connection is suspended. Communication to the field systems occurs through the Rs-485 BUS. The device can be addressed either through the static IP of the facility’s LAN network or maintain the DHCP Client configuration.

In addition to the comprehensive control of their field devices (proprietary firmware), Carlieuklima offers the opportunity to integrate additional heating units present in the facility, thereby extending the ease of management and flexibility provided by the Cloud architecture to all your systems.

All your systems at your fingertips.

User App Benefits - No worries, just the right comfort!

Regardless of the device used, whether it’s a smartphone or PC, NUBES® provides all the necessary tools to make climate management easy, smart, and above all, efficient. Once an ideal hourly schedule is set, all that’s left is to enjoy comfort without having to worry about anything else!

Need more flexibility? No problem: everything from your smartphone!

Not always a standardized hourly schedule matches the actual needs of your production facilities. No problem: a few touches to adjust the schedule, even fewer to turn the systems on or off in real time. You’ll no longer have excuses to justify unnecessary activations!

Benefits for the operator – no misunderstandings: you decide "who does what"!

NUBES® allows you to perform all essential management operations of the installed units, even remotely, as well as assign a specific hierarchy of permissions, a crucial aspect in defining
roles related to plant operation.

Temperature set-points and hourly scheduling will only be modifiable by users who have been previously authorized and uniquely identified.

Benefits for the maintenance personnel – no worries: someone informs you when needed!

Thanks to the Cloud, maintenance of the systems becomes simpler, quicker, and
more effective. The maintenance personnel have access to a complete overview of the system’s real-time status and the ability to verify, schedule, and adjust multiple parameters such as:

  • alerts for any anomalies;
  • regular maintenance;
  • status display of key components
    (notifications can be activated via the APP);
  • remote assistance from your trusted technician, authorized Technical Center, or the manufacturer;
  • remote firmware updates.

Benefits for the energy manager – no doubts: all the data with maximum transparency!

Through a Dashboard with a clear and intuitive graphical interface, the authorized person can immediately conduct an initial analysis of the
historical data relevant from an energy perspective. They can then download the data for a more in-depth evaluation and the search for customized
solutions to further optimize consumption.