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CARLIEUKLIMA: industrial radiant heating and cooling systems

CARLIEUKLIMA srl is a modern, dynamic company European leader in the production of radiant heating systems and industrial cooling system (adiabatic cooling), with a special attention focused on large common areas and workplaces ambient comfort blending environmental awareness with the latest technology such as the BIM project method.

Thanks to that Carlieuklima  developed of a wide range of highly innovative proposals in the industrial heating and cooling business. Our systems are the right solution for industry, factory, wharehouse, hangar, hospital, bank, office or hotel.  UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and certification of CE products. Up to 10 years guarantee.

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over 30.000 systems in more than 40 countries

EUCERK is our best product for industrial heating system

It is a gas radiant strip  system very uselful to heat industrial places and grant the lowest certificated NOx emission in the market.

Industrial heating

Adiabatic Cooling

Air Barrier Systems

Design line

Research & Development

The heart and soul of CARLIEUKLIMA srl is its research and development department, which day in and day out is committed to coming up with innovative solutions, to the careful design of new products and to the improvement of existing products. The use of the latest technology always goes along with attention for energy savings and concern for the environment.

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