How to heat your outdoor venue space

Outdoor spaces are a precious asset for bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels as they allow customers to spend leisure time outdoors in peace.

During the summer months, outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants are the most popular spots for taking a break with friends. However, utilizing them during the winter months becomes more challenging. The low winter temperatures discourage customers from using the outdoor spaces of venues, preferring instead a warmer and sheltered indoor environment.

This is where outdoor heaters and heat lamps come into play. These devices make the outdoor spaces of the hospitality world warmer and more welcoming even during the winter.

Types of outdoor heaters

In the market, we find a wide range of products designed for the outdoor world, among the main ones are:

  • Gas-powered patio heaters: Devices powered by a gas cylinder. They have a high heat output, capable of quickly heating the surrounding area up to 25 m2. Thanks to their attractive design and the presence of an open flame, they manage to recreate a suggestive atmosphere that is difficult to replicate with the use of other heaters.

  • Infrared heaters: Outdoor lamps that utilize the principle of radiation to instantly heat people and objects nearby without heating the surrounding air. They provide an immediate sensation of warmth without creating heat dissipation, leading to greater economic savings.

  • Electric heaters: Connected directly to the power outlet, they are easy to use, do not produce smoke or odors, and are suitable for heating small outdoor spaces.

  • Wood or pellet patio heaters: Rustic and appealing, they are perfect for heating outdoor terraces, garden events, and outdoor areas of venues, bars, and restaurants. Compared to the devices listed above, they require more careful maintenance and constant cleaning.

What are the advantages of outdoor heaters?

The main advantages of outdoor heaters are:

  • Season extension: Making outdoor areas more welcoming even in the colder months allows for the use of outdoor spaces throughout the year.

  • Warm and welcoming environment: A heated outdoor space is the perfect setting for any type of event. Why not take advantage of this potential?

  • Increased revenue: Having equipped outdoor space allows for hosting more customers, especially during the winter season when outdoor areas would otherwise be empty. . The presence of stylish heaters and lamps makes venues more attractive to potential customers, who are drawn to the inviting atmosphere created.

Choosing the right outdoor heater

Choosing the most suitable heating solution for your needs is not simple; there are several factors to consider:

  • Available space: To determine the exact number of heaters you will need, it is necessary to understand the area you want to heat and its dimensions.

  • Type of power source: Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a wide range of gas, electric, pellet, or wood products.

  • Design: Choose the heater that best suits the aesthetics of your outdoor space so that it can add value to it.

  • Safety: Before making a purchase, make sure that the chosen device complies with safety standards.

Now let’s delve specifically into the category of gas patio heaters, the most commonly used outdoor heating solution in the hospitality sector.

The design outdoor heater Lido

Among our range of products dedicated to the world of heating, you can find the outdoor heater Lido. The product is part of the WellOut brand, a brand dedicated to the hospitality industry, where we mainly offer design heating devices for outdoor spaces.

Lido is much more than just a simple outdoor heater. It is the epitome of elegance and hospitality, designed to offer an experience that will leave your customers breathless.

The exclusive touch of the natural oak barrel brings with it the delicate aroma of wood. Its fragrance combines the conviviality of the barrel with the warmth and charm of the visible flame in a modern and refined design.

The slim table surrounding Lido, available in painted steel or CorTen steel, represents an essential aesthetic detail, ideal as a support surface.

Lido integrates perfectly into any environment: rustic venues, mountain huts and refuges, bars, outdoor terraces, restaurants, and events, creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere.

Infrared outdoor heating lamps

Another widely used solution for heating outdoor spaces of bars, pubs, and restaurants is represented by infrared heating lamps. These devices utilize infrared radiation to heat people and objects in close proximity, without warming the air or creating dust movements. The heat produced is natural and pleasant, similar to that created by the sun.

These radiant heaters are highly appreciated in the hospitality industry: in addition to creating comfortable and welcoming spaces, they do not occupy floor space as they are wall-mounted.

Within the WellOut brand, we offer two different types of outdoor heating lamps: Rialto and Murano.

The operating principle is the same, but they differ in design. Rialto has a softer, rounder shape, while Murano has more defined lines and is embellished with ceramic glass, which, used as a front closure, exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Both are ideal for heating verandas, outdoor terraces, venues, and restaurants; they enhance aesthetics and recreate warm environments where guests can enjoy convivial moments.


Making the outdoor spaces of your venue welcoming throughout the entire year is possible thanks to outdoor heaters and lamps. With a wide range of options, from heaters to elegant wall-mounted devices, you have the opportunity to transform terraces and gardens into warm and inviting environments.

The benefits are clear: extending the season, creating an inviting atmosphere for events, and attracting more customers during the colder months.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a warm and inviting atmosphere on the outdoor terrace of your venue all year round. Visit our website and discover how our outdoor heaters can transform your outdoor space.