A lucky chance meeting

CARLI MARIO S.p.A. was a solid company specialized in light metalworking for use in systems, especially ducting and pipes for heating and air conditioning systems.

EUKLIMA Srl was a young, dynamic company involved in the design and development of radiant heating systems for industrial use and electronic control systems (hardware and software) for their management, and it also handled the marketing of these products.

When it came time to overhaul their heating system, CARLI MARIO found themselves having to tackle all the problems of choosing the most suitable technological solution, facing a major investment and implementing the new technology required to get a new system up and running.

In was in this way that CARLI MARIO felt the need for higher standards than were then available on the market, and they realized that their excellent know-how and outstanding production organization in the field of light metalworking would be a good starting point to expand the business into the sector of industrial heating.

The need to introduce innovative solutions in the realization of their own system led them to seek the collaboration of a partner with solid experience and technical skills, which they found in EUKLIMA .

The partnership turned out to be highly profitable and eventually led to the merger of these two different yet complementary firms into CARLIEUKLIMA Srl.


CARLIEUKLIMA srl continued to deal mainly with systems for large areas, and radiance seemed to be the most efficient technology for projects of this type, where internal environmental conditions are often hard to manage.

Carlieuklima confidently made major investments in this sector, and as a result became the first company to realize radiant strip heater systems with CE certification. Next came solutions with radiant tubes, radiant panels and accessory products, such as air barriers and components.

The natural evolution of the experience in radiant systems, coupled with the attention given to energy savings, then led Carlieuklima to get involved in the solar energy sector, an inexhaustible and free resource. Today a range of Carlieuklima products include also heat-generators, infrared conditioning panel systems, infrared floor systems.

Towards AR with Politecnico di Bari and Upgrading Services

Technology is making great strides in recent years and technological innovations are increasingly influencing our daily lives. One of them is definitely Augmented Reality, also known as AR. Born mainly for video games and entertainment, now it is also becoming part of the production processes, bringing many advantages within companies. What is Augmented Reality and how it works AR is the reality as we perceive it, [...]

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