EUCOLD is a system made up of evaporative coolers and represents the best solution for cooling industrial buildings, warehouses and production laboratories in a healthy and natural way.

What does evaporative cooling mean?

As detailed in the present article, EUCOLD EVAPORATIVE COOLER REFRESHES THE AIR IN A NATURAL WAY. EUCOLD uses a natural principle of “adiabatic transformation” that allows to refresh the air through a natural process: at the base of the operation of this system you can find, in fact, the phenomenon of water evaporation which, combined with a simple ventilating device, allows to cool the air conveyed inside this system and push it into the room to be cooled.

The main advantages of an adiabatic cooler

Thanks to the use of a natural working principle, the water coolers assure:

  • psychophysical well-being for workers, who perceive a natural freshness in the absence of drafts;
  •  greater productivity in the workplace, thanks to the improved working conditions;
  • reduction of heat stress, which occurs in the presence of temperatures of 27 ° C or higher;
  • working at natural temperatures leads to greater attention and therefore greater safety in the workplace;
  • constant washing of the working environment thanks to the introduction of clean external air.

EUCOLD can guarantee, in the rooms where it is applied, considerable advantages not only in terms of comfort but also economic advantages, with a considerable reduction in energy consumption. With EUCOLD system the consumption of water, electricity and maintenance are significantly lower than any other type of air conditioning system.

EUCOLD can be a first step towards a sustainable development

Improving the manpower working conditions is an indication of care and attention towards the entire work team. Actually, in companies there is more and more a change guided by principles of corporate sustainability. Sustainable development does not just mean reducing the environmental impact of your production, but it t means maximizing the 3Ps simultaneously: PROFIT, PLANET and PEOPLE.

Improving the workplace is also one of the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda (SDGs), a goal that will increasingly guide the activity of companies in the future.

salute e benessere sui luoghi di lavoro

Why choose EUCOLD to cool industrial areas?

Relying on CARLIEUKLIMA in the design and production of an adiabatic cooling system means having the guarantee of:

  •  quality of materials;
  • seriousness and professionalism;
  • punctuality in deliveries.

In fact, EUCOLD is entirely produced in Italy. This ensures its regular supply without delays due to difficulties in supplies which may concern imported products.

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