EUCOLD evaporative air cooling, also known as adiabatic cooling, is the most sustainable, effective and economical technological solution for the summer cooling of industrial buildings and warehouses.
This green climate solution comes from a very simple concept: the natural phenomenon of water evaporation.

Water as a cooling fluid

Water, therefore, acts as a natural refrigerant: Each unit takes the outside hot air, the latter then passes through special water-soaked panels, is filtered, cooled and then released into the working environment at more comfortable temperatures.
Let’s take an example to understand it better:
What happens to us when we go to the sea and after a nice swim we get out of the water?
Even if it’s hot and the perceived temperature is warm, we feel good and fresher, even a little cold if it’s windy: this is the “sea breeze” effect.
This phenomenon occurs because the water that is in that moment on our body evaporates, through sweat, releasing the heat, regardless of the temperature of the water itself and causing a pleasant feeling of well-being to our body.

An important difference with the classic air conditioners

On the basis of this concept we also understand another important feature of the adiabatic cooler: for an effective feeling of comfort is not necessary to have cold water ; therefore, to be connected to a refrigerator group, but just have water at ambient temperature.
The latter is a key aspect of EUCOLD as it allows us to save significant amounts of electricity, which is necessary in large quantities if we were to cool the water.

Why it is important to choose an evaporative cooler?

Healthy and eco-friendly

The adiabatic cooling EUCOLD is a totally eco-sustainable system, thanks to the use of natural elements such as water and air, and effective from an energy and economic point of view.
In addition to providing a more comfortable and productive climate, it is of fundamental importance for the psycho-physical well-being of employees, as it ensures a constant air exchange, that hinders the spread of viruses, which could compromise the health of the staff.


Purchase, installation and maintenance costs of EUCOLD are up to ten times lower those of traditional air-conditioning systems, a considerable lower economic and also energy impact .
As we anticipated at the beginning of the article, the system operates thanks to the heat exchange, that takes place between air and water.
This movement is achieved through the use of one or two ventilators, that suck the outside air, make it pass through evaporative panels loaded with water and finally convey it to a channeled distribution system.
The operation of these coolers requires a low electrical absorbtion: EUCOLD uses fans with specific fluid-dynamic characteristics and an innovative multi-speed regulation system.


EUCOLD is the best solution to defeat the summer heat, it makes the working environment more comfortable and increases the well-being of its employees.
Did you know, in fact, that from a study conducted by NASA, with a temperature above 27 ºC, your employees could suffer from “heat stress”? A feeling of discomfort that can cause more distraction, lower mood and, as a result, a greater chance of injury.
Thanks to an evaporative cooler it is possible to reduce the temperature fed into the workplace by several degrees, a decrease that positively affects the well-being of people and their productivity.


The EUCOLD range consists of 6 models, with cooled air output from the side, from the top or from the bottom of the units.
A 360-degree solution designed in detail for greater flexibility in installation and maintenance, which also allows the use of a lower energy requirement .
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