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Design System

CARLIEUKLIMA srl provides service for ready-for-use solutions, and takes part in the development of the project as well as the subsequent realization, right up to final testing. The technical department is always ready and willing to receive and to suggest the best solution for any needs in terms of performance and layout, from single components to the entire system. Special care is given to accurate definition of the control system (hardware and software) which is essential to ensure the utmost temperature uniformity, even in very large industrial spaces.

Carlieuklima also makes its know-how available to anyone needing detailed information and technical support for the realization of a new system. The whole field is open for discussion, concerning both methodology and calculation parameters for design, as well as the choice of the solution that is best suited to any particular need, available components and all possible installations options.

Simplified procedures guide the customer through the definition of the system specifications and in drawing up the offer request.

Design software

Fluidinteractive is a software developed by Carlieuklima addressed to technicians and designers. This program represents a valid aid to calculate heating and cooling systems. Once inserted all the necessary parameters, it’s possible to display and print a detailed summary report with a graphic representation of the system and of its effect on the local in which it will be installed.

Scarica il software

BIM methodology

The new BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology in the world of design is increasingly used by technicians for the development of projects in which the technologies of a building must be thought, designed, shared and organized in such a way that their traceability is always possible. In Carlieuklima the BIM is a theme of fundamental importance and in the process of development, due to the specificity of the information to which attention must be paid in order to provide a competent and professional service.

Management software

The 2K16 supervisory software allows you the management of all the heating and cooling equipment produced by Carlieuklima.
Through an Internet connection, you can easily switch on and off the single units, increase and decrease the temperatures, verify the performances. Thanks to the graphical interface it is also possible to have gas consumption and programmed maintenance data.

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