We improve the quality of working life by protecting the Environment.

Unity is strength

Carlieuklima was born from the merger of two historical companies founded over 30 years ago, which decided to combine their respective expertise.

Since then, Carlieuklima has been providing heating and cooling solutions for companies, factories, warehouses, workshops and hangars of all sizes, aiming to offer the best comfort in spaces where we spend 1/3 of our lives. The company has invested with determination and commitment in this sector, becoming the first to develop radiant strip heaters systems with CE certification.

These innovations were followed by radiant tube solutions, radiant ceiling panels, and complementary products like air barriers. In recent years, the company has extended its technology and knowledge to non-industrial sectors as well, launching projects such as Blife and WellOut, which have opened doors to the fields of civil construction and the hospitality industry (Ho.Re.Ca).

Our philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is centered around providing workplace well-being through radiant heating and evaporative cooling solutions while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

What is radiant heating and its key benefits?

What is evaporative cooling and its features?

Our values


Always by your side

A team of specialists ready to guide you through every phase of the project, from analysis to implementation, and post-sales support, with professionalism and transparency


Health comes first

Effective and sustainable solutions to enhance the well-being and psychophysical balance of your employees, ensuring a safe and comfortable workplace in all climate conditions


Turnkey solutions

We listen to your needs and propose tailored turnkey solutions to meet your requirements quickly, with utmost care and attention at every step, providing a comprehensive service.


Reliability and professionalism

A solid company that for over 30 years has been providing efficient heating and cooling systems internationally, offering high-quality products with guaranteed long-term performance


Toward a sustainable world

Sustainability and environmental protection are integral to our corporate philosophy. We are committed to offering low-impact environmental products.

R&D: the beating heart of Carlieuklima

Carlieuklima nurtures innovative ideas from within, born out of an in-depth understanding of the industry and an ongoing search for alternative solutions to promptly address the ever-evolving demands and challenges of the market.

Before being presented to clients, new projects are thoroughly and meticulously tested in experimental facilities established on-site.

What happens daily within the company? New solutions are conceptualized, verified, engineered, and tested within the prototyping department and the functional testing laboratory.

All products, whether new or established, undergo a continuous process of evolution and improvement in terms of materials, control systems, and performance optimization.
The collaboration with strategic industrial partners, who are dynamic and undisputed leaders in component manufacturing, is also highly constructive.

Strategic partnerships

We have engaged in a fascinating project with Politecnico di Bari involving Augmented Reality, where our EUCERK machine took center stage.

The project aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of H2NG blends (hydrogen in natural gas), addressing the knowledge gaps regarding technical impacts on gas appliances.

The purpose of this association is to promote scientific research and provide information about gas infrared heaters, technical developments, and potential areas of application

Quality: a fundamental aspect for your satisfaction

Carlieuklima works tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. Through continuous improvement of products and services and meticulous control of the entire production chain, the company is able to maintain high-quality standards thanks to certified processes under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as safety certifications through CE product certifications.
The Quality Management System serves as the guideline for the organization of company processes: design, production, installation, and maintenance of heating, cooling, and climate control systems.

This enables the company to offer warranties of up to 10 years.

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