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Philosophy of CARLIEUKLIMA

CARLIEUKLIMA srl produces radiant heating systems for any kind of room, from industrial and commercial areas to sports centres and churches, and also conditioning systems for schools, hospitals and civil environments of all sorts. By applying the principle of radiance to the heating of civil and industrial settings, it is possible to resolve a wider range of problems with respect to traditional systems, while gaining a number of advantages in indoor comfort and energy savings. Furtherly Carlieuklima produces conditioning systems. Differently from traditional conditioning systems they take advantage on a natural principle of thermodynamics called “adiabatic process”. The application of this principle makes possible the cooling of the air by a natural process: the base of this system is the natural phenomenon of water evaporation that, combined with an easy ventilating device, permits to cool the air that is conveyed inside the environment to be cooled. A corporate philosophy which meets the most widely varied and special needs for heating and cooling, for comfort and enviromental respect.

Evaporative air cooling: what it is and how it works

EUCOLD evaporative air cooling, also known as adiabatic cooling, is the most sustainable, effective and economical technological solution for the summer cooling of industrial buildings and warehouses. This green climate solution comes from a very simple concept: the natural phenomenon of water evaporation. Water as a cooling fluid Water, therefore, acts as a natural refrigerant: Each unit takes the outside hot air, the latter then passes through special water-soaked panels, [...]

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