Swedish Tissue

A part of the Sofidel Group, it's a company that produces and markets high-quality paper for hygienic and household use. While their main market is Europe, their products are shipped worldwide.



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High fire-risk premises
Air movement and dust


Safe heating system
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Euterm, a radiant heating system safe for industries with high fire risk


Sofidel, with whom we have had a collaboration spanning over 20 years, reached out to us for assistance.

Over the years, the relationship has grown stronger, and the mutual respect between the two companies led the Sofidel Group to approach us for heating their new facility in Sweden.

Sofidel‘s need was to uniformly and effectively heat the entire facility in Sweden, considering the nature of the production activities carried out within the site.

The primary activity in the facility involves transforming large paper rolls into small rolls, jumbo rolls, or tissues.
Given the high fire risk associated with this type of processing, the use of any type of combustible gas is strictly prohibited within the labs and warehouses.

Taking into consideration the needs of Swedish Tissue, the optimal solution was to install an EUTERM radiant ceiling panels heating system, ideal for environments where the types of processing and material storage within the warehouse can lead to the formation of gases, dust, and/or vapors that pose a risk of fire or explosions (as in this case). This system was chosen because the company had the option to utilize thermal energy derived from biomass in the form of hot water at 90°C. Thanks to the possibility of using hot water for the operation of Euterm it was possible to recreate a diffusion of heat that did not move the dust, allowed to concentrate the heat where it needed and did not create any risk of fire in the installation rooms. Consequently, we installedat a height ranging from 7.20 to 9.40 meters a radiant panel heating system with a total power of 762,588 W.This system catered to the company’s needs, ensuring the appropriate comfort levels within various production areas. Different areas were heated to varying temperatures based on the specific activities carried out, all without any risks involved.

Benefits archieved


Achieved temperature regulation by zone, reaching 18°C in the production and shipping area, and 8°C in warehouses and corridors.


No risk of fire or explosion due to the installation of a system that complies with safety regulations.


Reduced energy consumption compared to traditional heating systems, leading to lower operational costs.


Provides healthy work environments without air movement or dust, ensuring the well-being of employees.


Utilizing thermal energy derived from biomass in the form of hot water for the operation of the radiant panels contributes to environmental sustainability.

Silence and Aesthetics

The system operates silently and maintains a pleasing aesthetic that aligns with the company's visual standards.

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