Speaty® Press & Coffe

a warm and welcoming environment, a primary meeting place for the residents of the city of Salonicco, Greece, thanks to its wide selection of products it offers



msq to be heated
Rialto 7/4 units installed
External temperature


Heating the outdoor space
Avoiding energy waste
Maintaining the modern design of the venue


Uniform patio heating
Localized heating in specific areas
Lightweight and compact heaters with an elegant and modern design

Heating the outdoor spaces of the venue is possible thanks to Rialto radiant heaters


Speaty Press & Coffee had the need to heat the outdoor area of the venue during the winter season to provide its customers with a welcoming and comfortable environment for relaxation.

The requirement was to find an efficient heating system that seamlessly integrated with the modern design of the venue and could effectively heat specific areas while avoiding unnecessary energy wastage.


Thanks to our distributor HYDROTHERM – Kostas Papadopoulos, with whom we have been collaborating for many years, we proposed to the customer the installation of 10 outdoor Rialto radiant heaters operating on natural gas at a height of 2.50 meters.

Thanks to their modern design with soft and elegant lines, they represented the ideal solution for uniformly heating the outdoor spaces of Press & Coffee without wasting large amounts of electrical energy.

In fact, Rialto outdoor radiant heaters, through targeted design of each system, allow heating only where, how much, and when it is necessary, optimizing the balance between the customer’s needs and costs.

Benefits archieved

Warm and welcoming environment

The outdoor spaces of the venue are comfortable thanks to the warmth provided by the radiant heaters, creating a cozy atmosphere.


By being able to direct the radiant heat towards specific areas, Speaty Coffee manages to save significant amounts of electrical energy.


The heaters do not produce any noise in the environment, allowing for the creation of quiet spaces where customers can relax, read a book, or enjoy a coffee in peace.

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