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The company designs and manufactures machines and custom industrial plants, and carries out third-party projects based on drawings. The company also undertakes revamping projects for the refurbishment, restoration, and modernization of existing machines and plants

nastri radianti a gas EUCERK


msq to be heated
Eucerk installed
0 °C
target temperature


Replacing the existing hot air heating system
Creating a safer and more comfortable work environment
Increasing production efficiency
Reducing dust movement


Efficient heating with a radiant system
Comfortable work areas with a temperature of 17°C
Increased productivity
No dust movement

A comfortable working environment for SMF staff

Società Metalmeccanica Friulana designs and manufactures machines and custom industrial plants, and carries out third-party projects based on drawings. The company also undertakes revamping projects for the refurbishment, restoration, and modernization of existing machines and plants. SMF operates across various sectors within the steel industry, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients.


Società Metalmeccanica Friulana needed to replace the existing heating system, which consisted of wall-mounted hot air generators, with a more efficient radiant heating system. The client reported dust movement in the environment caused by the operation of the existing air generators. Something that needed to be eliminated to safeguard the health of the employees.

Considering the height of the facility, the air heating system remained in operation for many hours during the day to ensure reasonable comfort for the staff, leading to excessively high operating costs.

Another aspect to improve was related to the safety of all internal personnel: a properly heated and healthy working environment prevents concentration lapses and fatigue, which could lead to a higher risk of accidents.

The company thus had the need to uniformly and efficiently heat its 2500 sqm production site divided into two zones. They were looking for a radiant heating solution that would allow them to create comfortable work areas, increase production efficiency, and simultaneously optimize costs.


Considering the height of the premises, the internal layout of people and machinery, and the specific needs of the client, we proposed the installation of an Eucerk radiant strip system to the company. The proposed solution proved to be ideal for uniformly and efficiently heating work areas without dust movement, simultaneously improving the environmental impact with a low NOx emission certified system. Thanks to the principle of radiation and optimal system placement, the radiant strips can heat the underlying environment without dispersion.

We installed a total of 2 Eucerk HE EVO 4 lines, each with a power of 100 kW, at a height of over 7 m.
Despite the structural challenges, the entire Eucerk heating system is installed in the upper part of the building and was custom-designed to allow for the normal use of the overhead crane adjacent to the structure.
The comprehensive distribution of heating elements on the floor and walls facilitates daily internal production activities, a crucial aspect that met the needs of SMF and its staff.

The client chose to create a fixed structure to facilitate future interventions and avoid additional costs for renting platforms.
To facilitate access and reach the thermal units installed outside the building and make maintenance operations simpler and safer, we also provided the company with a maintenance platform, a modular and configurable system with a platform and protection perimeter parapet, compliant with current regulations.
The maintenance platform with a stepladde for wall hanging is complete with a protection cage with a lower closing hatch, to which a padlock can be applied to prevent access by unauthorized personnel, ensuring greater safety.

Moreover, the entire system is managed and controlled by a computerized supervision system that allows monitoring and real-time temperature adjustment in different work zones, even remotely.

Benefits archieved


Employees work in a comfortable and healthy environment, safeguarding their physical health even during colder days.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the positioning of the units on the wall outside the structure and the presence of the dedicated platform, maintenance access is simple, fast, and safe, without causing any hindrance to the activities carried out inside.


With the new radiant strip system, the company has managed to optimize energy costs, saving fuel compared to the existing system.

Safety and productivity

Productive efficiency has increased thanks to heated and dust-free work areas, avoiding concentration lapses and reducing the percentage of the risk of accidents.

No air movement

Heat is uniform across the entire surface, without air movements or shadow effects, creating a healthier workplace.


Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions are certified, giving a concrete contribution to environmental protection.

impianti di riscaldamento eucerk presso società metalmeccanica friulana
impianto di riscaldamento eucerk nastri radianti

"After several on-site inspection and installation interventions carried out at their premises, Metalmeccanica Friulana thanks us for the work done. Thanks to an Eucerk radiant system, the company has managed to improve the thermal comfort within the work areas, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for their staff, and safeguarding their physical and mental health."

Società Metalmeccanica Friulana

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