Linamar Light Metals Ruse EOOD

Production of aluminum components for the automotive industry



sqm to be cooled
coolers installed
external temperature
0 °C


Hot production departments
Lack of an air conditioning system
Staff fatigue
Decreased productivity


Comfortable working environment
New evaporative cooling system
Protection of workers' physical and mental well-being
Increased productivity

Evaporative cooling: Linamar redefines workplace climate in Ruse with Eucold!


Formerly known as Montupet EOOD, it is the Bulgarian branch of the Canadian group Linamar, a world leader in the production of precision metal components, modules, and systems for powertrains, transmissions, and body systems designed for the global markets of electric, traditional, and industrial vehicles.


The Ruse production plant specializes in the production of aluminum cylinder heads and knuckle joints, parts that are integrated into car engines.

The specific production activities in these plants generate heat, which combined with the summer climate conditions, creates discomfort for the workers. On the hottest days, the external temperature exceeds 30°C, reaching peaks of 36°C. The high internal temperature caused by the operating machinery and the lack of an adequate cooling system leads to staff fatigue and decreased productivity, with a higher risk of accidents due to reduced concentration and heat strokes.

The company’s need was to cool the production departments during the summer for a total area of 32,000 m².

Controlling operating and maintenance costs was a crucial element required by the client: a traditional air conditioning system would have involved too high installation costs and significant energy consumption due to the size of the plant.


TFS Consult Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Carlieuklima products in Bulgaria since 2005, proposed to the management the installation of EUCOLD adiabatic cooling systems. This is the most economical technology for cooling and ventilating large spaces, such as industries, foundries, artisanal workshops, warehouses, and depots. In places like Linamar Light Metals, a traditional air conditioning system would imply high installation costs and significant energy consumption.

The absence of refrigeration units reduces the system cost by 70% and electricity consumption by 80%, as the only necessary energy is for the fan’s operation.

The installation of evaporative coolers reduces the system’s size and simplifies installation, use, and maintenance, which is crucial for the client.

Given the significant height of the plant at 14.5 meters, Carlieuklima proposed the installation of 38 Eucold evaporative coolers with an air distribution system that could reach various workstations without causing discomfort to the personnel.

The system is managed by an LCD control system that allows for easy management of various parameters of all cooling units, including temperature, humidity reading, and ventilation intensity.

Benefits archieved

Comfortable working environment

Employees can work safely in a properly cooled environment with numerous air changes that ensure clean and constantly fresh air.


Workers no longer experience fatigue and tiredness caused by high temperatures within the work areas. There has also been a decrease in reduced concentration and accident risks.


Thanks to a comfortable working environment and greater protection of the staff's physical and mental well-being, productivity, which typically decreased in the summer months, has improved.


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