Franco Tosi Meccanica

Long-established Italian company, founded in 1881, which still represent the Italian excellence all over the world as regards the manufacture of steam turbines (industrial and power generation), hydraulic turbines and heat exchange equipment.



msq to be heated
pcs. EUCERAMIC heaters installed
temperature reached
0 °C


Obsolete heating system
Low level insulation
High energy cost


Zone heating system
Heated work zones
Energy saving

A zone heating system that meets the needs of Franco Tosi Meccanica


After the acquisition by Bruno Presezzi S.p.A, able to restore the troubled history of Franco Tosi Meccanica S.p.A. with new lifeblood, among other interventions aimed at increasing the productivity of the historic site of Legnano, it also became necessary a renovation of the heating system in the processing departments.

The heating of the industrial site was provided by old boilers with an installed thermal capacity of over 30 MW, connected to a hot water panel system placed in the highest part of the buildings and on the walls.

This system, however, taking into account the considerable height of the buildings and the low degree of insulation, could not at all guarantee adequate comfort in the production areas. Furthermore, the energy consumption was huge.

First of all, it was important to find a solution that could be flexible: in the various departments located in the large production area, the activities carried out are different; it is therefore important to calibrate the installed power to ensure a good level of comfort within all departments.

Another demand of the customer was to reach quickly the fully-operation of the system, in the areas where is needed, according to their specific exigencies.


Carlieuklima S.r.l. proposed, designed and realized, in “turnkey” mode, a system with EUCERAMIC luminous radiant heaters.

In the 28,000 m2 building, 246 EUCERAMIC heaters model IND HE 29/16 are installed, positioned on the wall and ceiling, at heights ranging from 10 to 20 metres.

The entire heating system is controlled by customized supervisory software which manages the 32 thermal zones, providing the operating status and history for each radiant unit.

It is estimated that during a season of full operation, the solution provided by CARLIEUKLIMA allows Franco Tosi Meccanica S.p.A. to save 110,000 m³ of methane, corresponding to 210,000 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Benefits archieved

Comfort environment

High comfort with low air temperature

No dispersions

No thermal gradient and less dispersion


Fuel savings and respect for the environment

Low thermal inertia

Ability to respond quickly to temperature change requests

Healthy place of work

Absence of air movements and suspended dust

Zone heating system

Quiet heating system with zone heating mode