Forno Da Re

A company specializing in producing crispy bread loaves and various types of breadsticks, placing significant emphasis on corporate sustainability, the materials used, and the psychophysical well-being of individuals



msq cooled
units of 532F coolers
temperature reached
35 °C


35°C in the departments
Frequent breaks
Decrease in productivity


Temperature reached: 28°C
Comfort and coolness
Satisfied staff
Increased productivity

Adiabatic cooling, which improves the working conditions of the staff.

Forno Da Re has consistently been committed to improving the working conditions of its workforce, so much so that over time, they have gradually incorporated effective and eco-friendly solutions within their facility., aim to enable their staff to carry out their work in a healthy and comfortable environment, both during winter and the warmer seasons.


The client had the need to cool down the production departments, where the dough takes shape and breadsticks are manually stretched.


Carlieuklima proposed an adiabatic cooling system consisting of 1 model 532 cooler with lateral air outlet and a custom-designed microperforated fabric ducting to evenly cool the environment without the risk of drafts that could cause discomfort to people inside.

The first intervention involved cooling a 220 sqm area with a height of 6.70 meters. The system was installed at a height of 4.40 meters using a microperforated ducting system, allowing the distributed air to exit through the side windows and the operable skylight.

The second intervention covered a 235 sqm area with the same height of 6.70 meters. The system was installed at the same 4.40 meters height and the air was distributed through the same type of microperforated ducting as in the previous case.

Benefits archieved

Comfort environment

The work areas are pleasant, and the temperature has decreased from 35 to 28 degrees.

Satisfied staff

Employees no longer risk heat-related health issues and do not require frequent breaks.

Increased productivity

The staff works with ease, without experiencing excessive fatigue or tiredness.

"Our main concern was to avoid drying out the dough: if the airflow directed towards the dough was too intense and the air too dry, there was a risk of creating a film on the dough that would dry it out within minutes. This never happened thanks to Eucold!"

"An evaporative cooler, custom-designed to our needs, was the optimal choice for us, aligned with our company philosophy. We are truly excited about the achieved result; our staff can work in a comfortable environment without having to deal with fatigue due to heat."

Giovanni Da Re
Owner of Forno Da Re with his sons Leonardo and Jacopo

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