C.M.S precision mechanics

A company specialized in precision mechanical machining, operating at both national and international levels, has over the years become a significant reference point in various industries, including the automotive and aerospace sectors.



msq cooled
Eucold coolers installed


Warm working environment
Lack of summer cooling
Staff fatigue


Comfort environment
New cooling system
Satisfied staff

C.M.S chooses evaporative cooling to cool 1400 msq of production area!


Cooling their 1400 sqm production area, the same space that is already heated in winter using an Eucerk radiant strip system.

As Silvano Tonon, the company owner, states: <<The machines operating in the company generate a certain amount of heat, so we wanted to enhance the working environment for our employees while ensuring quality and precision in our processes.>>


Carlieuklima, in order to meet the company’s needs, proposed the installation of an EUCOLD evaporative cooling system that utilizes the natural water evaporation process to cool the air without the use of refrigeration units.

We installed 5 adiabatic coolers at a height of 5.60 meters compared to the warehouse’s 8.20 meters, with a remote control unit for each individual cooler to adjust the temperature in different work areas at any time.

This type of system enjoys several advantages over a traditional air conditioning system.

  • Great cooling capacity,
  • continuous air exchange and purification in the environment,
  • partial or differentiated zone management
  • low noise levels
  • extremely reduced operational costs

All of these advantages make Eucold the ideal solution for industrial environments like those of C.M.S.

Benefits archieved


Comfortable work areas with doors and windows kept open.


Very low and significantly lower operational costs compared to traditional air conditioning.

"Those who were unfamiliar with this system strongly advised against it, as they were convinced that generating cooling capacity for our facility wouldn't be possible with such low electrical power.

I am someone who believes in innovation, and I trusted those who proposed it, and the results are evident (and palpable!). This is an absolutely efficient system that I would recommend to anyone who has the needs we had."

Silvano Tonon
Owner of C.M.S

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