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msq heated
m of Euterm installed
temperature reached


Outdated existing heating system and new warehouse to be heated
High energy consumption
Air movement and dust


New radiant ceiling heating system
Reduced energy consumption
No movement of dust and air

Ceiling radiant panels for a silent and efficient heating system


The company needed to replace the heating system in the existing warehouse, which consisted of a hot water air heater system, and also needed to heat the new adjacent industrial warehouse.

All of this had to be achieved through a system capable of heating the environment uniformly without causing stratification phenomena.


The proposed technical-economic solution for both facilities was to install an EUTERM radiant ceiling panels heating system, which was chosen for its benefits in terms of quiet operation, health, and comfort.

Radiant ceiling panels are also an optimal solution in environments where processes and material concentrations might lead to the formation of gases, vapors, and/or dust that could result in fires or explosions.

For the replacement of the existing heating system, a total of 518 meters of EUTERM AVH 900 radiant ceiling panels with a power of 330 kW were installed at a height of 8.5 meters.

To heat the adjacent warehouse, 770 meters of EUTERM AVH 600 radiant ceiling panels with a power of 340 kW were installed at the same height.

Both systems have temperature sensors in the environment that control the respective zone pumps to ensure the right comfort level during working hours.

Benefits archieved


The system produces no noise, making it perfect for an environment where the existing machinery already generates noise.


Radiant ceiling panel heaters don't create air movement or dust, promoting a healthy work environment for employees.

Start-up Time

The desired temperature is reached in approximately 1.5 to 2 hours with the system completely turned off and an external temperature of 0°C.


Maintaining a constant temperature is easy, and there's almost no thermal gradient, providing a comfortable work environment.


With the radiant heating system, diesel consumption decreased from 75,000 liters with the existing system to 63,000 liters.

"We are very satisfied with the system. The comfort temperature is reached in about 1.5 to 2 hours and it is easy to maintain it consistently throughout the day.

The radiant ceiling panels do not require periodic maintenance, and there is no air movement or dust. Additionally, the system is silent and allows us to save in economic terms compared to the previous one."

Facility Management Manager

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